Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day TWO!

I have been a runner for awhile and I have recently added body sculpting and I loved it! I am going to use this blog as my reflection on my journey for not only a life style change but the begining to being able to fully experience everything in life to the fullest. The more fit the more options you have. I am going to set out to train for another half marathon for this spring or summer and hopefully try a new sport this summer! So far I have learned to track what I eat and make no excuse for getting my run into my day. Most poeple in life are not very encouraging of this goal for a variety reasons...mostly because then that puts pressure on them to put down the taco bell and live life the way we were designed. So this is where I will be sharing my struggle and success! DAY TWO...I feel it is gonna rock! Time for work! Peace!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


My life has been changed FOREVER! I am apparently not a Apple girl in anyway shape or form. I don't care for the over priced computer that has stuff i will never use...I hate that I have no "right click"...I will NEVER need an, but not worth the $. Apple is smart, and creative but not practicle in my life...I have virtually deleted them from my life completely. iTunes was the only thing that grabed me. However, Rhapsody has just met all my needs and Apple has nothing to offer me... I have become a member of Rhapsody on the go and OMGosh it is the coolest thing EVER! My music tatse is very broad and with Rhapsody I can listen to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING my heart desires! who needs to "own" a song...I can just listen to a song 15 times get sick of it and move on! Or the rare rap song that i like yet, would never pay a buck to have on my computer is no longer a problem! I can listen to it and move on. It is soooo cool! I have never been so excited about a new toy as an adult.
I think Apple is like a designer shirt...flashy...expensive...high status...dependable...but...not practicle.
When it comes to electronics "designer" means nothing to me.
now if it is a purse...that is a WHOLE ne story!!! lol ;)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rose Ball!

My Grand Big from Kappa Sigma Fraternity
My Delta Zeta Greek Family
(missing my big sis and other little and my one and only grand little)

House Picture!

My date and I

On April 24, 2009 I had my first Rose Ball! Every semester Delta Zeta has a dance kinda like prom. But they are never as formal as prom. Well Rose Ball is! we invite all our alumni back to come they reunite with friends and we have an excuse to get a better venue and dress up more! It was such a blast! We also vote on awards in the chapter before the dance. well i was not in chapter but i was told i was nominated for an award and I WON!!!! MOST INSPARATIONAL SISTER! It was awesome and so exciting! and such an honor! well here are a few pictures!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beauty Bowl

Every Spring Kappa Sigma Fraternity holds an event call Beauty Bowl. This is a powder puff flag football game. I played last spring and I decided to come back and play this year. We were a complete joke last year and we wanted to change that this year. We practiced 7-10 times before the big day. The way it works is each sorority that wants to play pays and then fraternities that want to coach pay and all the proceeds go to the philanthropy of which ever sorority wins. It is a great cause and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we lost however we did suprise the team that was talking a lot of trash. We were the first team they played and we scared them pretty good we held our own and were pretty aggressive. I was proud of our team! It was a lot of fun and I with it was an event held every semester! It is fun to get my aggression out and prove that I am not that girl who doesn't want to get a little tough. I am normally very girlie! I don't handle bugs, dirt, and well you get the point but center/lineman I am all down for.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Life Style Change

Well it has only been two weeks in my "life style change" but I feel like it is a "life style change" I am eating 300 times better than before and Physical activity is something I used to make up reasons for why i did not have time. I hated going to the gym therefore, I didn't lol but no more! I hit my breakig point and I am on a role! I run/walk a 3.2 mile laps around my house in between 30 and 40 minutes. I know that may not sound like much but I can feel the improvement each time I run. I am determined to be fit! and Slender! That is the biggest thing in my life right now besides school and Delta Zeta.
Delta Zeta is participating in a philanthropy event in powder puff football. I did it last year and loved it. this year we are not going to be the joke team. We have been practicing very regularly! the game is on the 17 so about two weeks away. I am the Center (which means I hike the ball as well as of course.....BLOCK! hahahaha)

I did well on my first set of midterms and this week comes the next set of them! So I will be studying! wish me luck! Oh and TAP! I could not love something more! I wish I had started when I was younger. I am thinking about taking her class at her personal studio over the summer. We will see!
We have learned several different steps and a few combinations. Right now we are learning traveling times step! My favorites that I have already learned in class a cincinaties (which are a backward step and was a step that I could actually feel the light bulb go on for. The rythum is a huge key and makes it so much fun!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Becomming a

Well as of March 1st I will no longer be living at Delta Zeta. This would have been my 4th semester living in and I have debated if living in was still right for me. There are definate perks of living 2 blocks from campus but going back and forth I ultimately realized that I was no longer living there for the reasons I had when I first moved in. Therefore, I decided I would move out and allow another sister to create memories like I have. It is a very good choice that I am confident in now was the correct choice. Therefore, I will be living at home which I think will be nice cuz I do miss spending time with my parents and playing ticket to ride with no end! lol I also think it will help my studies and eating habits! lol so that is the new change with me for march.

This change in moving out is so much bigger than just where i decide to sleep. This is also a push into helping me chnage certain things in my life that are hard to do living in Delta Zeta. Please do not get me wrong, living in was an experience I would not change for the world! I would never get the relationships that I have or even be the person I am today without that choice. However, no longer living in will also give me a the push to turn to different sisters with the new things in my life. I hope it will also help my soical life to be slowly stepping out of the GREEK bubble and keeping up with friends who are not greek which can be very challenging.

I had the chance to spend a lot of time with my Aunt Kathy a few weeks ago and she is truly and insparation to me! I have a goal to going abroad in Spring 2010 and listening to her and her new job for the next few years just pushed me even more to take the steps to making my dream of studying abroad come true. I would love your prayers. I am really trying to get into this blog give me a little more time to continue this regularly. lol

I hope you are all having a good day!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fall 2008

Ok so this semester i have been tested a lot...
i have pondered several questions that will sound very broad to everyone but i have been pushed emotionally to every opposite feeling this past semester and i dont want this to seem morbid because although a lot of my experiences were definate struggles they were also benefical in helping me see new things or forcing me to come to terms with things that are hard to accept.
Some questions that I have been thinking about that I still do not have all the answers to...
-What impact do I have on other people?
-How do I want to live me life?
-Who do I want in my life?
-How can I change for the better?
-How can I reach out to people that I am not close to now?
-Why do I have the friends I have?
-Why am I a Delta Zeta?
- How can I be the Delta Zeta my founders would be proud of?
-How do I grow in the "right" direction?
-How can anyone not like COUNTRY MUSIC! lol (i had to put it in there)

I have lost a very close friend and an aquaintence...
I have been rethinking the closest people in my life...
I have been questioning everything I believe and do...
Lastly, I been thinking about where I will end up if I stay how I am and if that is the place I really want to be...

This semester has just definately been God testing me in more ways than I have ever felt. I don't like to dwell on the loss of a friend that could have done so much for so many poeple but was taken away at 21 when he wasn't beng stupid he was just putting others first. However, it is in my heart constantly and I just ask for your prayers.

Highlights of this semester...
*I went to Disneyland *I got a second little sis *I got to branch out and get closer to girls I haven't really been around in my sorority *played tons and tons of country music *turned 20 *got a small job as a personal assitant *spent thanksgiving with my whole family *took a step training class *kept up my TV watching of greys anatomy, greek, private practice, and girlmore girls * I am sure many other things as well...

What I hope to do this winter break
-be very involved with the refugee girls that need some American girlfriends
-go to sixflags magic mountain (might have to be a next semester trip...)
-work a lot
-deep clean my room (it gets less and less crap stuffed in the closet every break from school)
-spend time with my family playing ticket to ride
-exercising (hopefully more step trianing)
-do a better job of keeping up my blog
-and just have a stress free good time!

Happy Holidays and I hope you re all excited for Christmas!!!